Our story

A family adventure …


Our story started on November 1st, 1963 in a small village of Barbechat (44450). Paul BENUREAU decided to take over the little family farm which has already existed for 3 generations. At the begining, it had only 3 hectares of land and 3-4 dairy cows. As they became even more passionate about their work, he and his son, Michel BENUREAU dedicated themselves to their exploitation for several years in order to keep it alive, and, over the years, it kept on growing.

On January 1st, 1986, the father/son GAEC of La Ferme des Coteaux de la Divatte was born. The small family farm had become a big one! It now has 53 hectares in total.

In 1996, after 33 years of dedication to his own farm, Paul BENUREAU, now retired, passed the torch to his son, and to his brother, Patrice BENUREAU, who became an associate.

As time goes by, the farm grows and modernises itself more and more, for example with the installation of solar panels in 2009. Nowadays, the farm owns 85 hectares including 16 hectares of vines, about 40 dairy cows and employs 3 seasonal workers.

Having been immersed in the farming domain since he was a child, Sébastien BENUREAU, Michel’s son, has recently created a processing laboratory for the farm’s products in 2017, their objective behind this is to produce their own products and convey their family savoir-faire in the dairy products field, which is already largely renowned in the wine business. Currently at the very beginning of their success, their farm products are going to gain even more notoriety throughout the Pays de la Loire.

Sébastien, Michel and Patrice